In an ideal world, you're correct.

The real question here should have been: do those people who are
actively committing rapidly to the tree want to see this happen?  They
are the people who will realistically have to deal with the PRs.

On Tue, Feb 19, 2002 at 07:01:42PM +0100, Miguel Mendez wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 19, 2002 at 12:50:11PM -0500, Michael Lucas wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> > It seems that the best we can hope for is to educate some of the
> > braver users who are ready to take the next step and are willing to
> > donate some time to us.
> Agreed. I think there are people out there willing to help and become
> testers, they're just afraid of -CURRENT 'horror histories'. Running
> -current is not a walk in the park, and no one should attempt to do any
> serious work with it, but imho it's stable enough for your average mp3
> listening, web browsing and kde/gnome/whathaveyou usage.
> > I'm considering doing a series of articles on testing FreeBSD-current,
> > including: setting up for kernel dumps, what to type at the debugger
> > prompt after a crash, filing a decent bug report, what to expect from
> > -current, and so on.  I would also make it clear when to not bother
> > filing a bug report (i.e., "You crashed, but had no WITNESS?  Sorry,
> > enable WITNESS & try again."). This would be (I suspect) three
> > articles, running about a month and a half.
> Sounds very good, and yes, most people disable witness so their system
> doesn't crawl like a 286 :)
> > My question to the community is: is it too early to do this?  If I
> > start now, the articles would probably appear April-May.
> I don't think it's too early, IMHO it's a very good idea, having
> specific info on how to use -CURRENT will be beneficial for the
> community and atract more users to it.
> Cheers,
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