Murray Stokely wrote:
> DHCP 3.0.1 RC6 has been imported into -CURRENT.
> DHCP 3.x provides DHCP failover support, dynamic DNS updates, and much
> more.
> I've done testing with some Alpha and i386 machines on my local
> network, but it's certainly possible that the new DHCP client will
> behave in unexpected ways in more demanding environments.  If you
> notice any regressions in functionality, please email me.

Ugh.  It still doesn't support link.local, or gateway


It would be nice if one of these days, it would support
link.local based IPv4 stateless autoconfiguration, and
check for and do the same in 192.168.0.x
before failing over to link.local so that Windows gateway
machines would "just work" when using Windows "Internet
Connection Sharing".

-- Terry

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