Mark Santcroos wrote:
> On Sat, Feb 16, 2002 at 01:02:09AM -0800, Terry Lambert wrote:
> > Pretty clearly, if it happens, and the process is truly
> > gone, then there is a resource track cleanup that's
> > missing (perhaps it's a reference that results from the
> > Linux mmap resource track cleanup not releasing it?).
> It was indeed a linux_compat specific resource cleanup issue.

Cool.  No zebras.  8-).

> I managed to create a simple linux program that had the same problem. From
> there on it was easy...
> The problem was created by Alfred's locking commit of Jan 13.
> (No hard feelings, it helped me to understand the code alot better! ;) )
> Can someone please commit the attached (trivial) patch?

Alfred... that would be for you?  8-).

-- Terry

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