On 21-Feb-02 David O'Brien wrote:
>>>     I'm fairly sure JHB does not have a patch to address this but, please,
>>>     be my guest and check P4.
>> Actually he does.  Maybe you should have checked p4 first yourself.
> Users of Perforce are starting to force the rest of us to learn and use
> it.  That is totally not acceptable for the general FreeBSD population.
> Those that chose to use it because they feel the tool is useful for
> THEMSELVES are of course free to use it.  HOWEVER, Perforce is NOT the CM
> system of the FreeBSD project.  Thus users of Perforce are expected to
> share their bits via posting patches, not forcing everyone to pull them
> out of the Perforce depot.

They are shared now just as often as before.   Actually, more so.  Remember the
days of my one big sys.patch where I'd have to spend a night  trying to commit
the bits piecemeal?  Contrast that with the way the MI pcpu stuff went in, or
the first round of changes to add td_ucred.  I actually have cron jobs  that
can generate updated diffs of the important p4 trees every 15 min or so but
don't have most of them on for fear of hurting freefall with the extra load.

You are asking for people to do more than they have done before and blaming
their not doing it on the tools they are using.


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