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> >Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 09:48:10 -0800
> >I sure missed something, I'm sorry.  I still have the problem with
> >buildworld.  What should I do to fix it?  
> ># /usr/bin/cc -print-search-dirs
> >install: /usr/libexec/(null)
> >programs: /usr/libexec/elf/
> >libraries: /usr/lib/
> Well, you need to do something so the installed cc actually works.
> What worked for me was to do the following just before starting the
> "make buildworld"":
> * cd /usr/libexec/elf
> * ln -s ../cc* ../cpp* .

Of course, I paniced.  Thanks for the help.  It sure seems to be working.
It sure makes me feel good to see something compiling :-)  Your help,
as always is invaluable.


> Then go through the usual "make buildworld" & friends.
> After the "make installworld" is done (I actually did this after
> "mergemaster"):
> * cd /usr/libexec/elf
> * rm cc* cpp*
> Following the reboot, I created a "hello.c" in /tmp, typed "make", and
> was mildly gratified to see that it not only compiled without complaint,
> it even ran properly.  :-}
> Cheers,
> david       (links to my resume at http://www.catwhisker.org/~david)
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> David H. Wolfskill                            [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> I believe it would be irresponsible (and thus, unethical) for me to advise,
> recommend, or support the use of any product that is or depends on any
> Microsoft product for any purpose other than personal amusement.


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