David O'Brien wrote:
> It works in general for 'make world' and is suffient for FreeBSD
> developent -- the purpose of 5-CURRENT.  It is also allowing us to find
> bugs that would otherwise go unfixed in Binutils 2.12.0 release.  Or
> would you perfer we stick to 2.11.x forever -- BTW that would not give us
> support for IA-64 or x86-64.

Surprisingly, this did not occur to me until the Developer's
Summit report on other architectures, so it's probably not
obvious to most people.

For the record, then: binutils 2.12.0 is *required* by IA64,
and so it's required going forward.

Personally, I've been quiet since my initial Alpha breakage
complaints, except to try to help track things down once
in a while, since I had since realized this was an issue.

-- Terry

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