* Luigi Rizzo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [020221 15:14] wrote:
> So, in this thread a few days ago i reported that the
> list of arguments passed to mkdep can become quite large
> and exceed kern.argmax, especially if your sources are not in the
> default place and you are compiling a file with lots of options
> such as LINT.
> The place to fix (for -current) is sys/conf/kern.post.mk, and
> as Alfred suggested, a fix involves using xargs (mkdep is already
> invoked with -a). Unfortunately it is not entirely trivial because
> the variable containing the argument list is a Make variable, and
> any attempt to expand it in a command will result in the "Argument
> list too long" error.
> The best I could come up with is the following (modulo cut&paste
> conversion of tabs in spaces), i.e. use make's .for to
> copy the list of files into a file that we can then pass
> to xargs.
> Any better ideas ?

Yes. :)

        xargs env MKDEP_CPP="${CC} -E" CC="${CC}" mkdep -a -f .newdep ${CFLAGS}


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