Have a nice day!

  I'm sorry for possible beginning of flame, but is there exist real
  solution for bad linking library problem on -CURRENT? I was noticed
  about this problem about two or three weeks ago, and don't see nothing
  except discussions about new binutils.
  May be I was inattentive but can anybody tell me (may be, for us?)
  how to fix that problem? I haven't enough knowledge to solve this
  by my hand for my sorry and need assistance.

  I have AMD Duron, MB Epox 8KTA3+, IBM 60 Gb, Radeon 8500, and 5.0-CURRENT
  installed on that. The first problem was occured is coredumps any program
  compiled with imlib. It was come to light on gnomelibs building - on
  configure stage conftest program was exit with bus error message and
  coredumps. The second problem is mplayer exits with the same message
  (bus error) right after launch.

  Once again excuse me for anxiety and possible impoliteness.

Sincerelly yours,
  Vladimir G. Drobyshevsky

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