On 23-Feb-2002 (19:23:17/GMT) Julian Elischer wrote:

> I forgot the :-)


>> On Sat, Feb 23, 2002 at 10:35:44AM -0800, Julian Elischer wrote:
>> > that could change real soon!
>>   I certainly *hope* not. If you plan to break it, you plan to break it,
>> but I hope you don't plan to render it unstable. There is a difference

I'm -CURRENT from 3.0 and I can confirm that (if handled with care)
is really usable.  I have contributed only with bug report and not
with lines of code or patches, but I think that bug report can help
also.  Anyway, any plan to fix build breakage?

In file included from /usr/obj/usr/src/i386/usr/include/sys/file.h:40,
                 from /usr/src/lib/libkvm/kvm_file.c:54:
/usr/obj/usr/src/i386/usr/include/sys/systm.h:305: syntax error before `int'
/usr/obj/usr/src/i386/usr/include/sys/systm.h:306: syntax error before `int'
/usr/obj/usr/src/i386/usr/include/sys/systm.h:307: syntax error before `('

I really need build to (try to?) locate missing /dev/speaker  :(


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