> Wow!  This did away with the once-a-minute error messages from Notify()s
> on processor objects on my laptop.
> However, I am now getting frequent panics from from a GIANT_REQUIRED
> assertion in kmem_malloc().  kmem_malloc() gets called via malloc() from
> AcpiOsAllocate(), without Giant locked.
> The call to AcpiOsAllocate() happens deep in a AML object evaluation
> in from acpi_tz_thread().
> I tried naively to modify AcpiOsAllocate to grab Giant before malloc()
> and release it afterward, but this appears to be a very bad idea: There
> is a mtx_assert(&Giant, MA_NOTOWNED) in ithread_loop() in kern/kern_intr.c
> which blows up during boot.

Try grabbing Giant in acpi_tz_thread when it wakes up, then dropping it 
again before it goes to sleep.  This is probably a hack, but I'd guess a 
required one for now. 

If that works, send me a diff and I'll commit it with thanks!


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