John Reynolds wrote:
> hello, I've got a -current-related question to ask. akbeech forwarded me
> his build log when trying to build the "linux" user-land libusb from the
> port which I maintain (it is below). At first I said "impossible" because I'd
> tested things thoroughly, but then noticed he was on a -current system. Digging
> into things I see that sys/dev/usb/usb.h has had some commits lately that
> renamed the usb structures. Things like "interface_index" went to
> uai_interface_index, etc.
> Question #1: are there plans to MFC these changes in the USB structures to
> -stable in the near future?

Dunno.  Ask Alfred.  He made the changes, on my advice, because
there was a namespace collision with a C++ reserved word.  I
don't think there was a requirement to keep things portable
between the versions.  Usually, this kind of thing makes it
back as an MFC, eventually.

If you want to back-port the changes as a patch, I think Alfred
would commit it for you.

> Question #2: If not, is __FreeBSD_version >= 500030 the appropriate thing to
> "key" off of in order to make a patch set for libusb so that it will compile
> and work cleanly on a "fresh" -current?

Yes, usually.  In this case, it should be true.

> If these changes are not going to be MFC'ed in the near future (i.e. for
> 4.6-RELEASE) then my tendency is to not put #ifdef flags all over the libusb
> code testing for FreeBSD-current, but rather to locally patch the source if
> make(1) can determine it's on a system with the 'new' structures. Comments?

Probably a patch would help?...

-- Terry

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