* Kenneth D. Merry <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [020224 16:56] wrote:
> I've got a SMP machine with a Supermicro P3TDE6 motherboard.  (Serverworks
> HE-SL chipset, dual 1.26GHz Pentium III's.)
> It boots just fine with a GENERIC -current kernel (sources cvsupped
> yesterday at ~1500 MST), but hangs (at the "Waiting 15 seconds for SCSI
> devices to settle" message) when SMP and APIC_IO are enabled.
> Those two options are the only things different between the broken and
> working GENERIC kernels.
> I've attached dmesg output from the stock GENERIC kernel.
> Anyone have any ideas on how to get SMP working?

I've had the same problem for a while now.  Best of luck. :)


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