At 9:34 AM -0800 2/25/02, David O'Brien wrote:
>On Mon, Feb 25, 2002 at 11:51:54AM +0200, Maxim Sobolev wrote:
>  > I've noticed that after a recent make world gdb started producing
>>  warnings during startup. Please fix.
>Please send patch.  This will require gdb to be updated to GDB 5.1.1 --
>something I am not going to do.  This also shows the problems with trying
>to share libiberty across multiple software packages.

Upgrading to gdb 5.1.1 *is* something that I am doing. In fact, I was 
testing kernel debugging over the weekend. However, the calls to 
bfd_read are still in gdb 5.1.1 so I could either patch it or wait 
for gdb 5.2 to be released. Of course, a simple patch to bfd.h could 
remove the warning as well...

If the warning is annoying people, I can make the patch to gdb. If it 
is tolerable, then let's wait for gdb 5.2.


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