:>     Just as a data point, I've been running -current on a 2xCPU SMP
:>     system (DELL2550) for a few weeks and it's always booted fine.
:>     For the last few months I have noticed occassional freezes occuring
:>     at odd times long after boot.  I have no idea why it happens.
:Your config works!
:I've attached the dmesg.  Now the question is, what is the difference
:between GENERIC and your config that is causing the problem?
:(I suppose it makes sense that your config would work, since I think that
:Dell is a Serverworks-based system too.)
:I'll see if I can figure it out...
:Kenneth Merry

    Wow, I didn't actually expect my config would make things work
    differenty on your box.  I'm very interested in whatever you
    turn up.

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