On Mon, 25 Feb 2002, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:

> Machines with ACPI timecounters will now print 10 lines at boot when
> the timer is tested.
> If you are lucky you will see ten times something like:
>       ACPI timer looks GOOD min = 3, max = 3, width = 1
> That means that you have well implemented ACPI timer.
> If you are unlucky, one, several or all 10 lines will be marked as
> "BAD".
> Please send me an email with these 10 lines and the output of
> "pciconf -l -v" for your machine.  I'm am interested in reports
> both from good and bad machines.
> If your machine starts to mysteriously hang after this commit, try
> to increase the 15 to 31 in this line:
>       } while (u1 > u2 || u2 > u3 || (u3 - u1) > 15);


   FYI, the increase from 15 to 31 in acpi_timer.c was needed for me to
   have my kernel boot with acpi loaded (ie no hang during boot).
   Anyway, my system died after 2 hours or so of use, after a bunch of:

   Feb 25 18:05:34 ogoun kernel: ACPI-0954: *** Error: AcpiEvGpeDispatch: Unable to
    queue handler for GPE[0], disabling event
   Feb 25 18:05:35 ogoun kernel: -0185: *** Error: UtAllocate: Could not allocate size 
   Feb 25 18:05:35 ogoun kernel: ACPI-0188: *** Error: ExAllocateNameString: Could not 
allocate size 24

   I have no debug information, but I can provide some if needed.
   BTW, it's the first time I see this with ACPI, I had no problem
   before with it. I was even able to suspend / resume my laptop
   (Toshiba Tecra 8000), which seems not everyone's case :) 



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