On Tue, Feb 26, 2002 at 06:39:22PM +0900, Makoto Matsushita wrote:
> Note that new dhclient requires some libraries which are *not*
> installed to /usr/lib (libdhcp, libres, libomapi, and libdst).

Installing them to /usr/lib wouldn't help for the crunched case

> I have tried a quick hack to solve this; here is a patch to boot_crunch.conf.

  I tried a different approach and I was able to build a properly
brunched dhclient.  However, src/release/Makefile tries to rebuild all
of the object files so my near-fix still falls over when building a

There are several possible ways to solve this problem :

   1. Use the existing boot_crunch.conf, but fix crunchgen(1) to
      recurse into subdirectories to find object files.  This would
      require significant changes to the way that crunchgen currently

   2. Use the existing boot_crunch.conf, but move sbin/dhclient/* back
      to a single top-level Makefile.  This does not work at the
      moment, because the objects in each subdirectory are built with
      different command line options to conditionally compile
      different parts of the header files.

   3. Add an explicit OBJ list in the top level dhclient Makefile
      wrapped in a .ifdef (RELEASE_CRUNCH).  This works well to build
      a crunched dhclient binary, however, src/release/Makefile tries
      to rebuild all of the objects individually, and gets confused
      when asked to rebuild 'client/clparse.o' from the top level, for
      example.  src/release/Makefile could be changed to fix this.

I'm currently looking into #2 and #3, as well as working with Ted
Lemon from the ISC to fix some symbol pollution that this whole mess
has exposed.  Any other ideas?

      - Murray

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