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In message <Pine.BSF.4.21.0202261326390.98715-100000@beppo> Matthew Jacob writes:
: > I would also like to have core take a stand that having code in P4 isn NOT
: > the same as publishing it. P4 is an aid to the developer to do PRIVATE
: > work. As long as the work is in P4 it is up to the developer to
: > keep it in sync with -current. From the project's perspective
: > work in P4 doesn't exist.
: FWIW, concur.

How is it different than publishing patches on a web site?  There are
a number of tools that one needs to have to get the patches, just like
in P4.  The P4 repo is available from cvsup10, so you don't even need
to install P4 to see the patches.

Our CVS meisters have told us in the past that branches on the CVS
tree are bad, and NetBSD's experience is that not more than one or two
are sustainable in the long run.

I don't think P4 is the problem here.  The problem is communication,
expectations and work habits.


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