On 26-Feb-2002 (17:27:19/GMT) Mike Silbersack wrote:

> I'm experiencing the same double panic on boot that PHK is
> now; are we the only ones, or is it just that nobody else
> has updated recently?

Mee too, just survied to 4 auto-reboot without messages...

Trying with a boot -v I see a keyboard check as last message,
I forgot to write down it.  Sorry.  I can reboot again with
that explosive kernel (if _really_ necessary).
Now reverted to kernel and modules of 24 Feb (but only kernel
and modules, _not_ world) and it is stable (but no speaker).

cvsup-ed 3 times on 26.2.2002 (compile take 3/4 hours here).

BTW: On built of 25 (to recover /dev/speaker) I noticed some
stranges: doing man, ps, even ls make a core dump (sometimes).
I'm sure that all is in sync: kern, modules, world and etc.
Tryed with and without X, with and without ACPI, normal boot
or single user.  No differences.
As mentioned on my previous mail having both PCA and SPEAKER
compiled into kernel kill /dev/speaker.  With only speaker or
none of them (but loading atspeaker after boot) lead me to a
working /dev/speaker.  All other stuff doesn't no matter.


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