I got the following panic while building X with today's current:

TPTE at 0xbfc201a0 IS ZERO @ VA 08068000
panic: bad pte

db> trace
Debugger(x029a31b) at Debugger+0x40
panic(c02b617f,c02b6160,bfc201a0,8068000,d909fa00) at panic+0x70
pmap_remove_pages(d909fa6c,0,bfc00000,d8e3bd20,d8d81e00) at
exit1(d8d81e00,0,c02f6900,0,c029718e) at exit1+0x381
sys_exit(d8d81e00,d8e3bd20,ffffffff,0,81eafc*) at sys_exit+0x2a
syscall(2f,2f,2f,81eafc*,0 at syscall+0x21f
syscall_with_err_pushed() at syscall_with_err_pushed+0x1b
--- syscall (1, FreeBSD ELF, sys_exit), eip=0x817dfef, esp = 0xbfbff820,
ebp = 0xbfbff84c ---

db> show pcpu
cpuid           = 0
curthread       = 0xd8d81e00: pid 32473  "cc1"
curpcb          = 0xd8ebda0
fpcurthread     = none
idlethread      = 0xd1d8f900: pid 10 "idle"
currentldt      =  0x28
spin locks held:

The machine is a 1Gz Athlon on an ASUS a7v-133 m-board, 384M ram.  I don't
need it rebooted anytime soon, so instructions on what other information
would be helpful will be gladly accepted.

Jesse Granden

PS, I've been running Current for the past couple months, and have had very
few problems with it, keep up the great work guys.

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