:Matthew Dillon wrote:
:> :date: 2002/02/27 09:51:32;  author: peter;  state: Exp;  lines: +245 -191
:> :Back out all the pmap related stuff I've touched over the last few days.
:> :There is some unresolved badness that has been eluding me, particularly
:> :affecting uniprocessor kernels.  Turning off PG_G helped (which is a bad
:> :sign) but didn't solve it entirely.  Userland programs still crashed.
:>     I'm just going to use this opportunity to plug the concept of temporary
:>     sysctl-instrumentation for a commit like this.
:Overall, this is a good idea.  However, it can't apply to
:any code that runs before init_main.c runs the SI_SUB_TUNABLES.
:-- Terry

    Sure it does, because it means you can simply commit a change to the
    default assignment for that sysctl rather then backing the whole thing
    out to unbreak the general developer community.  That saves a lot of
    time and removes the 'oh hell, I have to track this down quickly!'

    Sometimes features in early boot can be adjusted by breaking into DDB
    and w/l changing the sysctl variable, but perhaps not in this case.

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