* Peter Wemm <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [020227 15:44] wrote:
> Alfred Perlstein wrote:
> > * Matthew Dillon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [020227 14:51] wrote:
> > > 
> > > :
> > > :ok so I leave it to other people to fix LINT
> > > :I'm not going near it any more
> > > 
> > >     It's the responsibility of whoever added -Werror to the default
> > >     compile to unbreak the tree, either by fixing the problem or by
> > >     backing out his commit.
> > 
> > No.  Leave it in, this will benifit us all in the long run.
> > 
> > In fact it was the _only_ way I was able to get people clean
> > up bad code at a former job and I strongly support keeping
> > -Weerror enabled.
> If there are files that are too hard to fix, or vendor files, or the fix
> isn't clear, we should use the nowerror conf/files* flags.
> It is important that we stop new warnings turning up when the compile
> output is so damn large that it hides things.
> I will do a pass over things now and see what I can do.

Agreed, any doofus that obfuscates code to mask a warning gets
a kick in the pants at the next BSDcon.  If you don't know then
ask.  (I know I'll be asking Bruce/Peter if I have a problem)

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'Instead of asking why a piece of software is using "1970s technology,"
 start asking why software is ignoring 30 years of accumulated wisdom.'
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