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ian Elischer writes:

>I think it's better to commit it now and have it fixed in situ.
>It's new functionality so committing it with bugs will not break anyone.
>it will however get more work done on it and more testing.
> [...]
>Well you are one  of the main CAM peopel.. we are relying on you and

Hmm, let me try that line of logic for a moment:

        I think we should have an Amdahl 6600  port of FreeBSD and
        we should commit it right now.  [...]

        Well, you (Julian) you seem to have nothing to do.. we are
        relying on you and some other random people we can think

Sounds weird, doesn't it ?

I don't know what axe you are grinding Julian, but if you are not
the one to do the work, I don't think you are in a position to
ask for "commit it now and have it fixed in situ".


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