It seems Matthew N. Dodd wrote:
>On Thu, 28 Feb 2002, Søren Schmidt wrote:
>> I'll quit the ATA/ATAPI development/maintenance if this goes in quickly.
>What?  Are you looking at the same patches that everyone else is?

Read the rest of my mail, the problem is not the patches as much
as it is all the issues getting it to work and helping users
that has problems with it. I have more than enough to do already,
getting X mails extra a day asking why app XX doesn't work with
drive YY is not what I'm looking for.

>I'd expect this sort of foot-dragging if the patch were intrusive to the
>ATA drivers but its not.

As I have stated several times, I have no problem with ATAPI being
sent through CAM as long as the usual way stays (some of us cannot
afford the weight of those extra layers, nor loose functionality).
I'd do the integration somewhat differently to even further minimise 
the diffs, but that is really not the issue here...
So if we can get *serious* commitment from a committer to take up
these loose ends, lets talk about what to do, if not my offer stands :)


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