>> What functionality is lost by this ability?
>Compare the features of the ATAPI vs SCSI CD drivers..

This is exactly why I'd like to see this code merged.  The hardware
changes too rapidly.  The specs change too rapidly but MMC is MMC.
More of us are getting wives we need to take out to dinner and
children to play with, so having duplicated functionality like this
just ensures that too many of us are sacrificing our free time instead
of working together to get a clean solution.

I will go on record right now and as I've said before, there are changes
that are needed in CAM land in order for me to accept this change.
Due to the growing pressure to get this stuff in, I'll work with Scott
and Ken to make sure we have *the right* solution for this in the
next couple of weeks.  Thomas' code is a great prototype, but we
need to do this right so that Soren can concentrate on making X, Y, and
Z new ATA chip work, we can collaborate on making our MMC device support
the best in the OpenSource world, and we all have free time left over
to tend to our personal lives.


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