Wow /that's/ a thread ;)

> >On Thu, 28 Feb 2002, Søren Schmidt wrote:
> >> I'll quit the ATA/ATAPI development/maintenance if this goes in quickly.

First of all I'd like to make two points:
  * Søren is doing a great job as ATA maintainer, and it would be a
    Bad Thing to have him quit;
  * I am not particularly pushing for quick integration of the code
    into the system. Quite some review and debugging is in order,
    as well as some discussion with the CAM team as to how to properly
    handle variations in devices' command sets (the current patch
    intercepts and translates some SCSI commands on the fly -- this is
    working, but a ugly hack.)

> Read the rest of my mail, the problem is not the patches as much
> as it is all the issues getting it to work and helping users

I have been maintaining the patch and helping users with it since
the time I first published it. It is none of my intentions to impose
upon anyone else the burden of taking care of it.

> As I have stated several times, I have no problem with ATAPI being
> sent through CAM as long as the usual way stays

As far as I was able to determine, my patch does not prevent the
use of the existing ATAPI devices. If it does break them, I'd be
more than willing to make any necessary changes to remedy that.

> So if we can get *serious* commitment from a committer to take up
> these loose ends, lets talk about what to do, if not my offer stands :)

What I can offer is serious commitment from a non-presently-committer.



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