Out of curiousity I plugged a webcam in my -current box. After browsing the 
mailing lists and the net for a while I found that there has been talk here 
about a usb driver for webcams based on this VLSI Vision CPiA chip. This is 
the message the webcam generates after plugging it in:

Feb 28 22:28:56 <0.2> terminus /boot/kernel/kernel: ugen0: VLSI Vision Ltd. USB
Camera, rev 1.00/1.60, addr 2

and usbd says:

usbd: attach event at 1014935200.316808000, CPiA Camera, VLSI Vision Ltd.:
   vndr=0x0553 prdct=0x0002 rlse=0x0160 clss=0x0000 subclss=0x0000 prtcl=0x0000
   device names: ugen0
usbd: Found action 'USB device' for CPiA Camera, VLSI Vision Ltd. at ugen0

Is there a driver, or is there currently any work being done on a driver 
for this cam? From what I found on the web this VLSI CPiA chip is very 
popular in cheap webcams.

I found a Linux project called 'webcam' but it is a kernel module so 
probably difficult to port.


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