:>    I strongly disagree.  I have yet to see any technical description of
:>    this so-called overall design that shows any incompatibility, and what
:>    I decide to do with my time is my business.
:That particular protest is rather hollow, considering that you were
:one of the first people to not show up for the SMPng work whereas
:John has been consistently chugging along on the job all the way.
:At this point in time, until he is officially unseated John is our
:designated SMPng architect and his word is pretty final.
:Poul-Henning Kamp       | UNIX since Zilog Zeus 3.20

    Oooh... so you mean that since I was working full time and unable
    to contribute, somehow this disqualifies me now?  Sorry, that doesn't
    hold water.  In fact at the yahoo meeting oh so long ago I even said,
    quite clearly, that I was not going to have time in the near future.
    And, indeed, I did not.  But I do now.

    While I have great respect for the work John has done, his word is most
    certainly NOT final in even the most generous consideration of his
    position.  There is absolutely nothing in the charter or rules that
    give John authority over dozens of core source files in sys/, there
    is nothing that gives him veto power over anything in the source tree,
    and there is nothing that allows him to lock-up so many files for such
    a long period of time.  It just isn't there so, frankly, your assertion
    is pretty damn hollow Poul.


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