Hello all,

I am curious about the file sizes of the backing files for extend attributes. 
I have compiled a custom kernel that has both extended attribute support and
acl support.  I can sucessfully add and remove acls for files.  I am quite
impressed.  I used a sparse backing file (i.e. no -p option when creating the
backing file) to see if acl's would work.  I am aware of the security
implications of this, but my only goal was to test them out.  The size of the
backing file when used with -p and 388 bytes is too large of an overhead for me
to live with anyhow.

I am curious about the file sizes displayed in 'ls -l' for these sparse backing
files.  The sparse files are indeed small.  Unfortunately I see strange results
with 'ls -l'.  An example...

/usr/home/.attribute/system> ls -l
total 49
-rw-------  1 root  wheel  544094812 Feb 28 23:13 posix1e.acl_access
-rw-------  1 root  wheel         12 Feb 28 23:05 posix1e.acl_default
/usr/home/.attribute/system> du -h
 50K    .

Is there any reason the file is shown as being 544,094,812 bytes?  I'm sure it
is actually only 50K.  Just curious if this is something a developer should
look at before the release (this is obviously quite minor compared to other

Galen Sampson

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