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>:>    I strongly disagree.  I have yet to see any technical description of
>:>    this so-called overall design that shows any incompatibility, and what
>:>    I decide to do with my time is my business.
>:That particular protest is rather hollow, considering that you were
>:one of the first people to not show up for the SMPng work whereas
>:John has been consistently chugging along on the job all the way.
>:At this point in time, until he is officially unseated John is our
>:designated SMPng architect and his word is pretty final.
>:Poul-Henning Kamp       | UNIX since Zilog Zeus 3.20
>    Oooh... so you mean that since I was working full time and unable
>    to contribute, somehow this disqualifies me now?

No, but it does make you, like the rest of us, underlings to John
architectural direction.

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