As some might have noticed I've done some significant work on
the ATA RAID support (for Promise & Highpoint controllers)
all thanks to Advanis which has made this possible.

The code as it is now in -current allows for RAID1's (mirrors)
to be properly handled when a disk dies, that means the
system continues on the good disk and logs the loss of mirror
to the console.

The hotswap part of the ATA driver has been extended with 
functions to enable the bad disk to be detached with atacontrol
and if it is in a removeable enclosure, it can be swapped with
a new good disk even while the system is running.
When the new disk is attached again with atacontrol, the 
ATA driver will mark it as a SPARE disk if its located 
where the failed disk was before.

Now the really interesting part is the new rebuild command
in atacontrol, that will bring the SPARE disk up to date,
and when done will set the RAID to fully functional again.

All the above is properly written to the config sectors on
the disks, so that the BIOS will pick up any changes that
happend when the ATA driver was in control.

If you have Promise SuperSwap enclosures, the state of the
disks will be shown by the LEDs, red for broken disk, orange
for rebuilding and green for online.

All this said I need testers to really give this new functionality
a run for its money, so please, if you have the HW needed for
this (Promise Fasttrak or a Highpoint controller with ATA disks)
please give it a whirl and let me know how it works out.



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