On Mon, 2002-03-04 at 00:42, Michael Smith wrote:

> > But would an IrDA specific driver do anything differently than sio
> > would?  SIR is effectively an 16550 UART from what I've seen so far.
> > Maybe I'm missing something?
> Well, except that it has no flow control, is only half-duplex, and you
> might want to attach an IrDa stack to the device.
> If all the IrDa stack work is being done in userland, then this probably 
> makes sense.  If not, then at the very least, sio(4) needs to behave 
> differently in the case of a SIR port.

The only implementation of IrDA stack for FreeBSD I know 
(not finished) uses netgraph interface of sio driver.

I am use Infra-red port to access my HP200LX via IR (no IrDA)
with lxtools package

And Linux use /dev/ttyS? to refer infra-red ports.

TSB "Russian Express", Moscow
Vladimir B. Grebenschikov, [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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