On Sun, 2002-03-03 at 16:42, Michael Smith wrote:
> Well, except that it has no flow control, is only half-duplex, and you
> might want to attach an IrDa stack to the device.
> If all the IrDa stack work is being done in userland, then this probably 
> makes sense.  If not, then at the very least, sio(4) needs to behave 
> differently in the case of a SIR port.

While IrDA support is in userland at the moment (comms/birda port),
someone is working on a netgraph interface for IrDA.  I'm under the
impression that this will include FIR device drivers; but since it's
also based on birda, it will likely use sio for SIR devices.  (Although
the person(s) doing the ng work should probably speak up and correct me

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