On Mon, 4 Mar 2002, Maksim Yevmenkin wrote:

> Julian,
> speaking of ng_tty... it is clear to me how to inject data into Netgraph
> in a safe way, but it is not yet clear how Netgraph can inject data into
> other subsystems.
> you see, the Bluetooth spec defines several Host (PC) to Host Controller
> (Bluetooth unit) communication protocols. one of them is UART transport
> layer (AKA H4). i have implemented H4 line discipline that also a
> Netgraph
> node. (i called it ng_sio in my report but it was wrong). it works now,
> and i can talk to Xircom card, but it should be changed later. any
> hints?

Netgraph will have to aquire
whatever lock is required for that module.
Most subsystems have no locks yet so it's a bit early to say how it will
work :-)

> thanks,
> max

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