Hello all,

I have recently experienced some interesting behavior.  During the boot process
multiple programs seem to be receiving a SIGHUP.  I have the stable version of
samba installed from ports, and this causes nmbd to core dump during the
machine startup.  I have talked with the samba people about this and donated
the core file to them.  They did feel that it was strange that nmbd would be
getting a signal during startup though.

This problem was hard to track down.  It seems that it programs only receive
this SIGHUP sometimes.  My only thought to the intermitant occurance is that
something is SIGHUPing all of the processes, but sometimes local initialization
starts before this happens.  My /var/log/messages showed that samba and cyrus
(my only programs started during init that were not part of the base system)
both caught this signal.

This should be a trivial task for me to track down.  Unfortunately I'm having
problems.  My main method of searching was performing grep for "kill" in the
/etc directory.  This did not yield anything promising.  I was wondering if
someone could give me hints about tracking this problem down.


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