:My 2 cents?  Work with John to get the APIs that affect this particular
:code stable.  That means discussion and perhaps that discussion will
:take some time (if this blow-up hadn't occurred the discussion
:would already be over now ;-).  Once the APIs are in place, commit your
:code in a format that makes it completely optional, just like your Giant
:lock optimizations.  This means that those interested in validating
:and determining the impact of your code can easily do so by flipping
:a switch.  Those who would rather debug their own subsystem problems
:in a slower, but simpler, environment can do so too.

    The API is intended for the stage-2 commit.  The stage-1 commit
    is intended to do all the 'hard stuff' in as straightforward
    a manner as possible.  The sysctl / option you talk about here
    existed in my patch set 2 and a half weeks ago.

    I really wish you people would at least read the patch and commit
    message before you comment on it.


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