Hi there,

I installed -CURRENT on my old PC(ThinkPad235 aka Chandra2),
but its USB device doesn't work.
(it works on Windows environment)

[boot message]
ohci0: <OPTi 82C861 (FireLink) USB controller> irq 10 at device 5.0 on pci0
ohci0: Could not map memory
device_probe_and_attach: ohci0 attach returned 6

in source code, sys/pci/ohci_pci.c

        rid = PCI_CBMEM;
        sc->io_res = bus_alloc_resource(self, SYS_RES_MEMORY, &rid,
            0, ~0, 1, RF_ACTIVE);
        if (!sc->io_res) {
                device_printf(self, "Could not map memory\n");
                return ENXIO;

It seems the function bus_alloc_resource() returns NULL.

How can I avoid this failure?


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