> Mark Murray <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > The problem is in the headers; you changed #include "pam_mod_misc.h"
> > to #include <secure/pam_mod_misc.h> without ensuring that a (correct)
> > pam_mod_misc.h was in an appropriate secure/ dir.
> Umm, IIRC 'make world' starts by doing a 'make includes' into
> /usr/obj, which should take care of this.

That is 'make world'. It was broken for "make obj && make depend && make",
and pam_krb5 was just plain broken (../Makefile.inc had a broken path).

> > I've just finished fixing this (includes a repo-copy) and it will go
> > in shortly.
> No repo-copy should be necessary.

IMO, the repo-copy is the cleanest, because it solves te above problems
in the most canonical way.

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