<grp.h> fix is incomplete because 'u_int32_t' is not defined (but must be)  
for standalone <grp.h>. Please add some includes for u_int32_t definition
too, probably <sys/types.h>

To see it, try to compile following program:

#include <grp.h>
main ()

and get:
/usr/include/grp.h:53: syntax error before `gid_t'
/usr/include/grp.h:53: warning: data definition has no type or storage 
/usr/include/grp.h:59: syntax error before `gid_t'
/usr/include/grp.h:64: warning: parameter names (without types) in 
function declaration
/usr/include/grp.h:72: syntax error before `int'

Andrey A. Chernov

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