:In otherwords.  You acted unilaterally.  You seem to be making my
:arguments for me.  Again. Thanks!

    No, I am not acting unilaterally, but neither do I feel it is appropriate
    to be told to wait indefinitely (and I am STILL waiting by the way!).
    When I commit something it isn't set in stone.  If there's a problem
    with the commit, or it doesn't integrate just right with something else,
    etc etc etc... I have no problem discussing and modifying the source.
    To me, the commit is a way to stage the work out, not the final chapter.

    This may not have been discussed with John prior to my wanting to commit
    it, but it was discussed.  It was discussed on the lists, in public,
    and the discussion was quite reasonable in my view until I tried to 
    commit it.  Now contrast that with, say, Peter's PMAP commit.  No
    discussion on the public lists AT ALL, no warning, no heads up, nothing.
    Did anyone complain?  No.   Contrast that commit with my critical_*()
    work.  (Now, in fact, I am not faulting Peter nor saying that he
    should not have done the commit.  I am simply contrasting it with
    my own work).

    My making a commit is not only not acting unilaterally, it is not
    setting the work in stone and it is not terminating debate or review
    either.  It is just a stepping stone and I believe it is wholely 
    inappropriate for you or anyone else to ask that a single stone not even
    be set down on the table when I have an armful of them without giving
    a reasonable reason for the request.

    You are at fault for not researching the situation before opening your
    mouth, and that you get burned for it is nobody's fault but your own.
    You are at fault for misunderstanding the purpose of the commit and
    ignoring my repeated statements regarding further discussion.  You are
    at fault for assuming that my making this commit somehow means that I
    am not willing to continue a reasoned debate on the issues involved.

    Justin, you need to take a step back and really think about what you
    are tring to prove here.


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