>    As discussed at BSDCon, the release engineers are committed to
> releasing a relatively stable snapshot of FreeBSD -CURRENT on or
> around April 1, 2002.  Obviously, a lot of major components are still
> in progress, but a great deal of work has already been accomplished,
> and could benefit from the additional exposure that a polished
> snapshot with full package set and documentation will provide.
I don't know if this is something worth making it the snapshot, but 
currently kde doesn't work due to binuntils update.  It may work now 
after the most recent binutils update, but we have to recompile kde 
to see that I believe, andkdelibs cannot be compiled
which builds kde-config which the rest of the kde meta-ports try to 

I think that last sentence is a huge run on and I by no means am 
trying to complain, just wondering if anyone thinks its important to 
make it on this snapshot.

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