The attached portion of the 1.100 -> 1.101 patch to src/share/mk/
(and a similar one in 1.103 -> 1.104) broke cross builds
of PicoBSD, specifically preventing the cross-environment header
files to be found when building libraries/programs. You can reproduce
this by doing

        picobsd --src HEAD/src --init -n -v

on a recently cvsupped HEAD tree.

I wonder, how does a "make world" get around this problem
(so i can try to reproduce the 'fix' in the picobsd script) ?


@@ -37,11 +37,6 @@ SHLIB_NAME?= lib${LIB}.so.${SHLIB_MAJOR}
-.if defined(DESTDIR) && !defined(BOOTSTRAPPING)
-CFLAGS+= -I${DESTDIR}/usr/include
-CXXINCLUDES+= -I${DESTDIR}/usr/include/g++
 .if defined(DEBUG_FLAGS)

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