Is anyone else seeing this?

Running -CURRENT (been tracking it daily for a while, now), I find that
if I run script(1), things basically run as expected... until I try to
close script's stdin (normally, by entering EOT (^D)).

At that point, I can use the mouse (if I'm in an environment where that
makes sense); I can switch among the ttyvNs (up to a point), but nothing
indicates that any (other) characters are being read -- I can't use
Ctl+Alt+Esc to break into the debugger; can't Ctl+Alt+Del to reboot --
it's power-cycle time (unless I remembered[*] that this was going to
happen, and set up an "at" task to reboot at some auspicious time in the
(near) future.

I first noticed this a few days ago, in conjunction with my normal build
sequence:  I would fire up screen(1), within that "screen" session, fire
up script(1), do the "make buildworld" & friends; after the mergemaster,
I'd exit script(1), then reboot.

Except that (starting a few days ago -- between Sunday - Tuesday, I
think) I would hit ^D on the script session, and fail to get a shell
prompt back.  I could still type on xterms displayed on my laptop (the
machine I was upgrading at the time) that were actually running on other
machines (and get expected/useful responses back, too).  And as
alluded to above, setting up an "at" task ahead of time appears to
work OK.

I had thought that there might be some correlation bewteen this and some
whines (warning messages) I was seeing from sudo(8), since I needed to
have a different sudo executable for -CURRENT than I do for -STABLE.
So, this afternoon, I removed sudo & re-built it (under today's

But then I discovered that the behavior (quasi-lockup) occurs even if I
use script(1) as a "normal" user -- no use of sudo at all.

This would seem to be A Bad Thing.

Here's my recent CVSup history:
freebeast(4.5-S)[4] tail /var/log/cvsup-history.log
CVSup begin from at Mon Mar  4 03:47:03 PST 2002
CVSup ended from at Mon Mar  4 03:53:29 PST 2002
CVSup begin from at Tue Mar  5 03:47:07 PST 2002
CVSup ended from at Tue Mar  5 03:54:20 PST 2002
CVSup begin from at Wed Mar  6 03:47:02 PST 2002
CVSup ended from at Wed Mar  6 03:53:38 PST 2002
CVSup begin from at Thu Mar  7 03:47:02 PST 2002
CVSup ended from at Thu Mar  7 03:53:22 PST 2002
CVSup begin from at Fri Mar  8 03:47:03 PST 2002
CVSup ended from at Fri Mar  8 03:53:39 PST 2002

And the laptop is presently running:
g1-6(5.0-C)[1] uname -a
FreeBSD 5.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 5.0-CURRENT #93: Fri Mar  8 08:17:09 
PST 2002     [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/common/S3/obj/usr/src/sys/LAPTOP_30W  i386

If some kind soul would care to loan me a clue, I'll be happy to
hunt for causes and such.  I can provide kernel configs, dmesg
output, and the like on a Web page, if that would be useful -- but
what I'm asking for at this point is hints for narrowing the scope
down somewhat from "the entire known universe".  (OK; that was
melodramatic.  Sorry.)

* "It's a poor sort of memory that only works backaards," the Queen
remarked. -- Lewis Carroll; _Through the Looking-Glass_ ("Wool and

David H. Wolfskill                              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I believe it would be irresponsible (and thus, unethical) for me to advise,
recommend, or support the use of any product that is or depends on any
Microsoft product for any purpose other than personal amusement.

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