I've uploaded a new set of packages to ftp-master for -current on
i386; they should be picked up by the mirrors shortly.  As I mentioned
in a previous mail, there were compilation problems which caused a
number of ports to fail, including qt2 and gnomelibs, meaning there
were no KDE or GNOME packages built (hey, at least it's a symmetric

The failures were caused by compiled utilities dumping core with sig11
or sig10 during compilation of the port.  Toolchain people, please
look into this; the error logs are at


I also tried upgrading to a more recent 5.0 snapshot in which to
perform the builds, but it seems there have been syscall changes and
you can no longer cheat and run a 5.0 world inside a chroot on a 4.x
machine: for example, sh dies with signal 12.

Perhaps I'll have to upgrade the cluster to 5.0 to do the package
building after all, but that on its own won't fix the toolchain


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