For the past couple of months, I've been working with a set of identical
test boxes from SGI which, for some reason, stopped responding to serial
break on the serial console.  I switched to the 'alternative break' option
in LINT, and things work fine.  I assumed it was actually some issue with
that particular batch of machines, since no one else had had a problem,
and I didn't really have time to follow up.  Yesterday, I brought online
two more crash boxes via serial console, both older TeleNet servers, and
noticed that neither of them respond to serial break over the serial
console using cu.  This leads me to wonder two things: 

(1) Is serial break currently broken in -CURRENT
(2) Is serial break currently broken in 'cu'?

I have't had a chance to follow up on either, but was wondering if anyone
else had experienced this?  Essentially, hitting ~# in cu no longer
results in boxes dropping to the debugger.  Enabling the alternative break
and using ~^B works fine, and Ctrl-Alt-Escape works fine on the real

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