[on a very recent -Current]

wtih the Werror compile flag, I can't compile src/sys/dev/ata/ata-all.c
on a PC with nothing more than a single IDE disk


patch enclosed
--- ata-all.c   Sun Mar 10 21:32:21 2002
+++ ata-all.c.new       Sun Mar 10 20:44:15 2002
@@ -274,10 +274,12 @@
 ataioctl(dev_t dev, u_long cmd, caddr_t addr, int32_t flag, struct thread *td)
     struct ata_cmd *iocmd = (struct ata_cmd *)addr;
+#if defined(DEV_ATAPICD) || defined(DEV_ATAPIFD) || defined(DEV_ATAPIST)
     struct ata_device *atadev;
+    caddr_t buf;
     struct ata_channel *ch;
     device_t device = devclass_get_device(ata_devclass, iocmd->channel);
-    caddr_t buf;
     int error, s;
     if (cmd != IOCATA)

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