On Mon, 11 Mar 2002, Michal Mertl wrote:

> I get panics for about 2 weeks (last tested with todays current - it's
> more unstable than friday's build - it crashed only when boot_verbose was
> set, now it sometimes crashes several times in a row).

I was about to post about the same problems. I am using -CURRENT as of
last week, and have three different PCMCIA cards which cause me problems.

The first is also a Xircom 10/100 RBE-100 cardbus card (though mine has no
serial port) If bootverbose=0, no panic occurs. (though the dc driver
still fails to attach it, being unable to find a PHY). With bootverbose=1,
inserting the card will panic the machine. pci_print_verbose() calls
pci_read_config while cfg->dev=0x0, and so device_get_parent() blows up.

The second card I have, "GlobalVillage Powerport Platinum Pro A390"
combined modem and ethernet card, will panic upon insert with a page
fault in pccard_scan_cis with a page fault. The page fault is caused by
trying to read memory location zero through pccard_cis_read_1
(/usr/src/sys/dev/pccard/pccard_cis.c v1.18 line 155)

The third card I have, a Hayes PCMCIA modem, will hang the laptop solid
after being detected correctly and after printing the sio4: line.

As a possible datapoint, the latter two cards have no problem under
-STABLE. I am happy to supply the vmcore and kernel files to people who
contact me off list, and am also able to post the cards to anyone who I
know as a FreeBSD developer as long as I get them back...



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