Hiten Pandya wrote:
> I updated my kernel two days ago, and I am having some weird warnings,
> which I haven't seen before.

[ ... ]

> WARNING: Driver mistake: make_dev(perfmon) called before SI_SUB_DRIVERS
> -- I have configured my kernel with the PERFMON option. --

This means that it's trying to register a driver with a
subsystem that has not yet been initialized.  You probably
need to split it off, and initialize it seperately ysing a
trouble doing this, let me know, and I can take a look at
it for you (it's going to be a bit of a pain if it's allowed
to be loaded later; if so, the easiest thing to do is to
simply load it later, e.g. in /etc/rc.local).

> Using $PIR table, 8 entries at 0xc00f7100
>     ACPI-0161: *** Error: AcpiLoadTables: Could not get RSDP, AE_NO_ACPI_TABLES
>     ACPI-0213: *** Error: AcpiLoadTables: Could not load tables: AE_NO_ACPI_TABLES
> ACPI: table load failed: AE_NO_ACPI_TABLES
> -- does the above mean ACPI is having problems? --

Probably; if you can break this out as a seperate problem
report and Cc: Mike Smith, it's much more likely to be
fixed; he owns the ACPI stuff.

> rl0: Realtek 8139B detected. Warning, this may be unstable in autoselect mode
> rl0: Ethernet address: 00:10:a7:04:d7:91
> -- Why would it be unstable in autoselect mode? --

Because Realtek adapters with that chipset are known to
have problems with autoselect.  The easiest fix is to
ignore it (if you don't have problems) or specify the
settings on the ifconfig line (if you do).

> And also, what does kernel profiling (profile option) really mean, and
> what would be the use of it?

If you have to ask, you should probably disable it.  8-).

See the handbook for more information on kernel profiling,
if you are curious.

-- Terry

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