Copying remote files (large backup, 200/300Megs) from my home
file server (4.5-STABLE) using nfs or ftp or scp to a local
msdos fat32 partition reboot machine without any error  :-(
Yes, local machine that has msdos mounted fs is -CURRENT:
# uname -v
FreeBSD 5.0-CURRENT #22: Tue Mar  5 20:50:06 CET 2002...

I completely destroy two partitions, trashed filesystem and
lost all contents (ok, it was backuped ;) copying files over
them.  I need a format from floppy to resume.
I was even unable to remove some strange named files (files
with non ascii-7 chars I suppose).

Initially I think to a nfs related problem, but it happens even
using ftp and scp, not only cp.
I splitted large files into smaller ones, 8Megs each, and tryed
to copy into a foreach loop, pausing 10/15secs between copies.
But it reboot all the times, and _all_ means a very high number
(I lost the count, but over 20).

All the (unwanted) test was with and without X, fsck-ing in
single user by hand (just to be informed of what get lost).

Activity led stay solid-rock-on all the copy time, after 70/80
Megs mouse locks up for a while and then machine reboot without
any other message.

Again, copying to a local ufs fs and than from local ufs to
local fat32 works fine (I just finished to restore them).

NB: I used this config on the last 3 years, upgrading both
server (now 4.5) and my machine at least once at a month.

Copying from local ufs or fat32 to remote nfs file server work
fine (for now :-).

If some dmesg, /var/log/messages or kernel config can help I
can post to list or provide a link to my home ftp/http to save
bandwidth and don't flood the list.


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