On Tue, 12 Mar 2002, Kris Kennaway wrote:

> Subject says it all, really; this is the cause of part of my problems in
> getting 5.x packages built on the bento cluster, because it seems that
> /bin/sh has come to depend on this syscall.  Executing a 5.x /bin/sh on
> a 4.x system causes a SIGSYS if it hits this code (e.g. test -x
> /some/binary) 
> Can this syscall be MFCed soon? 

Today it's eaccess(), tomorrow it's KSE system calls, ACL system calls,
MAC system calls, 64-bit stat and ino_t, dev_t, devfs, ... 

Certainly we can MFC eaccess(), but that's not going to make the problem
go away.  Fundamentally our model is backward compatibility, not forward
compatibility.  We need to build 5.0 packages on 5.0. 

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