On Thu, 2002-03-14 at 01:48, Kris Kennaway wrote:
> It should be benchmarked more thoroughly before the switch is made;
> there's only one datapoint at the moment, which isn't enough to decide
> whether it's a net win.

Another thing to watch out for:  we now force -Uusemymalloc in perl
builds because mixing malloc() implementations can lead to core dumps
when a chunk of memory is handed to the wrong version of free() (or
realloc()).  (A test of this is to use Data::Dumper->Dump() (*not*
Dumpxs()!  that is in fact the workaround...) to print lots of complex
hashes; this fairly reliably makes perl dump core (or sometimes just die
with a "Bizarre copy of ...") on all our supported platforms when perl's
malloc() is used.  Of course, that might just be a bug in 5.00503, since
I never tried 5.6.x with perl's own malloc()...)

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